3 True Confessions From My Home Office

1. I don't always feel like I've done enough. 
I have so many tools and tricks at my disposal to help me focus in my home office: Pomodoro timers, Trello Boards, and lists in Remember the Milk.  Still, some days that I'm frustrated to watch myself hopping from one project to the next and never really finishing anything. At the end of some days, I still can feel frustrated that what I’m finishing is never enough. 

What I’m still learning:  To show myself grace.

2. I am not crushing the push-up challenge. Yet. 
I was inspired by a trainer I follow on Instagram to do 50 push-ups a day for 360 days. I thought it would be another great reason for me to stand up from my desk a few times per day. And get tank top ready. In January. So far, I have done 10 push-ups a day for 4 days in a row. 

What I’m learning: Starting slow is better than never starting at all.

3. I needed help from a plant named Joe. 
I'm in this pattern (not a great one) where I have been neglecting to drink enough water throughout my work day. My friend, Esther, and partner in Minimalist Nutrition loves the Plant Nanny app, so I started using it today to track my water intake and hopefully keep my plant alive. Check it out.  I named my plant Joe. Today he is not thriving. But there's still time, Joe.

What I’m learning:  I can be humble enough to be bossed around by a plant named Joe. Maybe I’ll only need him for a week? 

What are your 3 true confessions from your home office? I would love to hear them! We know it may not feel comfortable to post a true confession publicly. You can email us too: hello@thehomeofficeproject.com

Also, if you want to do 50 push-ups a day too, comment below - always looking for a buddy!