5 Things I Will Add and 5 Things I Will Remove From My Home Office in 2018

To my home office in 2018, I will add:

  1. Quiet hours during the day where I close my email and turn off email notifications

  2. A new coat of paint to this wall. Out with the brown tint, in with the gray

  3. Time on my schedule, in the middle of the day, to escape to the gym

  4. A note in Evernote to daily track things I'm grateful for

  5. More 3 day weekends

In 2018, I will remove:

  1. The guilt that sometimes comes from walking out of the office at the end of the day, even if there are projects that feel as if they are left undone

  2. Unnecessary meetings that do not have an agenda or follow an agenda

  3. Some of my perfectionistic tendencies (some of them, I appreciate!)

  4. All of the files that are no longer needed and are taking up valuable space in Dropbox

  5. The action of prioritizing projects, tasks or meetings that are not actually priorities (Thank you, Brendon Burchard)!

I would love to hear yours! What are you planning to add and remove from your home office in 2018?